Our Testimonials



Charlotte M.

Why cleanse?

"To take a complete break from toxins and focus 100 percent on having my body only absorb pure organic fruits and vegetables".


Dipali A.

I slept so peacefully!

"Thanks, I feel good considering it's day 3.  What makes the sleep so much better while fasting?  Last night I had the most peaceful rest only on day 2."


Amy C.

The Juices were amazing!

"The juices were amazing!  This combination tasted amazing and I did lose 4 pounds of water in the first 2 days.  I’m not sure what was causing my water-retention and puffiness, but it was visible and two days on your juice and it was gone.  I feel tons better.  Thank you so much for adding me on the fly – I really needed this!"


Jordanna T.

You've transformed my life...

"Lisa's juices have transformed my life and my body. While I was always interested in cleanses and making my body as pure as possible (in between periods of debauchery, of course), I lacked the time to properly prepare ingredients myself. Thus I searched for someone to assist me with the wonderful gift of a cleanse. Lisa has a knack for matching unusual and lovely foods to create the perfect balance for just what you need. I feel very blessed to have found her juices and to participate in transforming my life. Each time I do a cleanse, I become a calmer and more humane person. I simply cannot speak deeply and truthfully enough about how important these cleanses have been to changing my entire outlook on reality. The strength and willpower the have helped me to develop have served me in all aspects of my life. The next step is to remember to drink more water! But one thing at a time. Thank you Lisa!"

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